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We meet Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
American Legion Hall - Churchland
3107 American Legion Rd.
Chesapeake, VA  23321
United States
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Board of Directors 2017 - 2019
Board of Directors 2016 - 2018
Board of Directors 2016 - 2018
Board of Directors 2017 - 2019
Board of Directors 2017 - 2019
Board of Directors 2016 - 2018
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Board of Directors 2016 - 2018
Board of Directors 2017 - 2019
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Rotarian of the Year 2016 - 2017
Karl Quinn
December 2017
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Member Birthdays:
  • Helena Bates
    December 17
  • Charles Powers
    December 21
  • Clay Weisberg
    December 31
  • Les Halstead
    December 15
  • Lupe Sweeden
    December 29
Join Date:
  • Jim Rhodes
    December 1, 1990
    27 years
  • Marshall Bolton
    December 1, 1989
    28 years
  • Charles Powers
    December 2, 2013
    4 years
  • Chris Westerman
    December 2, 2013
    4 years
  • Mark Sidwell
    December 9, 2008
    9 years
  • Jim Toups
    December 17, 2013
    4 years
  • Keith Horton
    December 19, 2006
    11 years
  • Ashton Page
    December 31, 1996
    21 years
Western Branch Chorus
Dec 19, 2017
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No Meeting
Dec 26, 2017
Renae McConnell
Jan 02, 2018
Silver Sneakers
Karl Quinn
Jan 09, 2018
Bill Pollard
Justin Sorensen
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Meals on Wheels - 3rd Thursday
December 21, 2017
Smith, Wanda
January 18, 2017
Martin, Raleigh
February 15, 2018
Ketten, Connie
Meals On Wheels - 4th Wednesday
December 27, 2017
Sorensen, Justin
January 24, 2018
Stephenson, David
February 28, 2018
Bates, Helena
Meeting Openers
December 12, 2017
Eaton, Ed
December 19, 2017
Glover, Shannon
January 2, 2018
Halstead, Jr., Les
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2017 - 2018

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People of Action
Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
A Look At Some Churchland Rotary Projects
Special thanks to Rotarian Ashton Page for the production of these videos


Photo of the Churchland Rotarians packing ready bags for Roc Solid Foundation. A $5,000 district grant from Rotary District 7600 was used to help fund the project. These bags will be provided to Portsmouth Naval hospital and CHKD in Norfolk to provide to families.

From the Roc Solid Foundation website: "Roc Solid Ready Bags are given to families on the worst day of their lives… the day they find out their child has cancer. Their battle often starts that day, with their... child being admitted to start treatment, and everything else comes to a screeching halt. Ready Bags include everything a family might need for their unexpected hospital stay – toiletries, a blanket, a prepaid debit card, a journal, a tablet and more. These essentials are helpful, but we hope they also send a message to each family that they are not alone as they begin this journey."

-Bill Pollard

Saturday was the day for us to clean the lake and surrounding area at Peachtree. We had a total of twenty-four people who worked on the project. We had nine Churchland Rotarians, one Rotarian from the Great Bridge club, six from the Sherriff's Department, and seven from the Peachtree Community Association. We went to work and cleaned 35 large plastic bags of garbage out of and surrounding the lake and approximately 200 pounds of wood.
The Sherriff's Department was kind enough to supply the large bags and a trailer with which they carried away all of the trash. This was a very significant project for the Peachtree Association. In talking with the president of the association, Mr. Brown, he shared the fact that if the lake was not cleaned up by Saturday, the city was going to fine the association $3500 and call in a contractor to do the job. Needless to say, they were very appreciative of our help. Thanks to all who participated!


  Assistant Governor Ed Eaton introduced John Padgett, our District Governor for 2017-2018 Rotary year, and a member of the Norfolk Rotary Club.  John presented Marshall with this year’s banner, Rotary: Making a Difference.  He also delivered a check in the amount of $5,000, representing the district grant to be used for the benefit of Roc Solid Ready Bag Program, which will be a hands-on project.  John pointed out that the hands-on aspect helped us stand out in the application review process.

   John oversees 62 clubs in the district.  He spoke of the updated 7600 website; he announced the dates and location of the District Conference, September 22-24, sharing a glimpse of the festivities and special events, and promising new topics for break-out sessions.  

   John emphasized the importance of membership – growth and retention – and suggested we need to be strategic in our growth planning.  We are competing with life, not other organizations, and so we need to find ways to weave Rotary into peoples’ lives, find ways to be flexible, and talk to people about Rotary with passion.  We will learn best practices, how to be intentional in our growing and plan focused membership events. 

   In project planning, John suggested collaborating with other organizations to draw from multiple support groups.  He mentioned changes in dues structure, offering alternatives to younger members who are more interested in community service than breakfast, and roll in new concepts to traditions.

   After the regular club meeting, John stayed to address the Board, hearing from committee chairs on membership, club status with Foundation giving, fundraising and community involvement.  Public image and social media was also discussed as the way to reach the younger prospects.

Five Churchland Rotarians and four spouses descended on Atlanta, along with approximately 36,000 other attendees. Those in attendance from our club were Bob and Cindy Brewer, Marshall and Brenda Bolton, Ed Eaton, Nancy Quell and Roger Bryant, and David and Rebecca Stephenson.
Bill Gates announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will extend its commitment to Rotary and will expand its match agreement with Rotary. Contributions to Rotary for polio eradication will now be matched 2-1 up to $50 million per year through the next three years. Between Rotary, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and donations pledged by governments throughout the world, $1.2 billion has been pledged over the next three years.
One of the ticketed events was a block party. Tickets allowed you to enter four separate restaurant venues and partake of a buffet line in each. Featured were American foods, Italian foods, German foods and Italian foods. Foods were very good, crowd was tremendous, and seating was nonexistent.
Rotary President for 2017 - 2018 is Ian H.S. Riseley from Victoria, Australia
Plenty of food and fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended. Our group met on several occasions for meals. This picture was taken at Pitty Pat's Porch.
The recipients of this years Rotary scholarships attended our May 30th meeting to accept their scholarships, to meet the club members, share their goals for college and their future career ambitions
Hayley Lawrence, Churchland High School Rotary Scholarship ($2,000.00), Old Dominion University
Lindsey Sloan, Western Branch High School Rotary Scholarship ($2,000.00), James Madison University
Ammon Ward, Mike Moreland Memorial Scholarship ($2,500.00), Virginia Tech University
Sherine Villegas, Ben Forsythe Memorial Scholarship ($2,000.00), Tidewater Community College
Rotarians Vicki Brett, Jim Seagraves, Helena Bates, Ed Eaton, Brennan O'Connor, Justin Sorensen, Lupe Sweeden, Saundra Imel, Ashton Page, and David Stephenson, along with TCC Rotaract members Lisan Bowser-Wharton and Alexis Spencer joined forces to clean up 0.3 mile of waterfront in Port Norfolk along Bayview Blvd. We started at 9:00 AM with grabbers and plastic garbage bags and picked up all kinds of trash and wood.
When we concluded our efforts around 12 noon, we had collected 43 garbage bags of litter (plastic bags, bottles, and beer cans primarily) weighing approximately 645 lbs, and wood weighing approximately 100 lbs.
Thanks to everyone who participated!
Rotary Leadership Institute was held at Virginia Wesleyan College on Saturday with two of Churchland's members in attendance. Jim Seagrave attended Part I and David Stephenson attended Part III.
RLI is a great opportunity to network with other Rotarians and to hear what their clubs are doing and how they carry on business. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary from some of the most knowledgeable people. Each Rotarian should avail themselves to this program in order to make themselves better informed, but also to enable them to better serve their club and in turn their communities.
Pictured is David Stephenson receiving his Certificate of Graduation. This session of RLI had the largest graduating class thus far.
Churchland Rotarians had the pleasure of having members from the Western Branch High School Interact Club join us for breakfast last Tuesday morning. Two of the three Interact members who attended RYLA in February, Maggie Young and Ryan Keverline, presented a PowerPoint presentation. Each one of them told of their experiences and about the friendships they developed while there. Both students stated the time was well spent, RYLA was  an outstanding experience and thanked the club for providing them the opportunity to attend.
Our club has committed to delivering hot, nutritious meals to homebound residents in Portsmouth, and Northern Suffolk who find it difficult or impossible to prepare meals for themselves. Meals are prepared by the Sentara Food Service Department. Two (2) nourishing meals are provided daily, including 2 beverages (juice or milk). These are delivered by volunteers.
Churchland Rotarians will deliver meals on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Our first delivery date is March 22, 2017. Rotarians are to report to Sentara Nursing Home, 4201Greenwood Drive, Portsmouth 23701 (back  entrance) at 10:45 AM to pick up meals for delivery. Rotarians need to bring a large cooler to transport the hot meals and one for cold beverages. There are no deliveries on state or federal holidays and cancellations due to weather are posted with school closings on local television and radio stations. If you are in able to carry out your duties on any given date, you need to contact someone else from the list of volunteers and switch dates with them. It is your responsibility to enlist a substitute for yourself. Assignments for each month will be posted in the club bulletin and on the club website.
Volunteers turned out on Saturday to package between 40 to 50 thousand meals to ship to an area in the world whose children are in dire need of food. Churchland Rotary, Western Branch High School Interact Club, North Suffolk Rotary, Churchland Baptist Church, and Ebenezer United Methodist Church and other organizations participated.
Check our website for more pictures from this event.
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